29 November 2012

The RAA and a Revelation!

My friend Sheila is moaning at me. She reckons I do too much saying how brilliant other Bloggers are on here.  Can't be helped, my friend, I tell 'er.

Maybe she has a point though?

Are blogs for other Bloggers or our friends and family, as well as ourselves? I guess a mixture of all.

Anyway, I'm not going to bang on about any today because I have been bestowed with yet another Award which demands these bleedin' 'tells,' which I normally resist nowadays, but in order to be able to shut Sheila up I felt I should graciously accept this one and pass it on to her, because it's the 'Reader Appreciation' one:

Dear Friends,

I really appreciate that you read my blog,

Let's catch up for a glass of wine / coffee / chat soon.

Much love

A. xx.

[This is one way of discovering who does and who doesn't, don't you think? ;)].

And a silent thanks to

Hello It's Gemma  Midlife Singlemum and Older Mum

who have all awarded me this, together with a variety of pesky questions that I now feel obliged to wade through. There's also something confusing somewhere about making a Revelation:

Where do you do most of your writing/blogging?
In the kitchen with my back to all the chaos.

What books were your childhood favourites?

It was so long ago, I haven't a clue. Enid Blyton, maybe, at a guess if you're going to push me. 

Who is your favourite fictional character?

Samantha from Sex and the City. Because she's bonkers.

What is your favourite time of day and why?

The moment the kids are both asleep, or the rare times I wake up, naturally, before they do. The peace.

Have you ever Googled yourself and been surprised at what you’ve found?
Yes, ages ago, it was all about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a weird relationship between Xander Harris and Anya Jenkins who were set to marry, but apparently didn't.
Who would play you in a movie of your life?
Someone whose thighs had seen better days.  People used to say I looked like Demi Moore - but I hardly did when we were roughly the same age and she looks twenty years younger than I do now!

One material possession I could not live without?
The groceries being delivered i.e. the Laptop.

Have you ever been naked in public?

Not that I can remember, but there was a lot of alcohol in the 80s, so that doesn't mean it hasn't happened....

What is your dream car?
Definitely a Mercedes Convertible - the one with enough room for the kids too. I don't mind which colour.  Honestly...

What is your Star Sign?
There's lots of Pisces in my chart and that is my sun sign. Libra is the rising one and there's Jupiter in Aries which, apparently, gives me my fire.

Any guilty pleasures?   
Buying those ready cooked hot chickens in the supermarket to feed the family.

A Revelation:
I am OVER my thing about buying potato peelers everywhere I go.

So, it's at this point I would pass on the Award to some lovely loyal readers who also blog, but, today, it's for those readers who don't blog, who I appreciate anyway, so no tags from me, in honour of them. *Points at mates.*  

Let's hope that gets me off the hook with Sheila for a while, eh?


  1. Samantha is a great character. Enjoy these. So revealing!

    1. I thought they were pretty shallow answers after yours and something more erudite was required, but, hey ho!

  2. Hello!!!!! Great answers there - having aries in your chart, especially jupiter will defo give that added kick (my moon is in libra)!!! Enid Blyton for me too, and I have to say there is a certain Demi Moor'ish about you, and my dear, you are far more attractive! XXX.

    1. Hello to you too! Glad you understand all that astrology more than I do. Thank you for the kind compliment, but can't buy that sorry! She looks about 30 and is a stunner still! Nice to know I'm loved tho X

  3. I couldn't live without my computer either (including internet connection), and I'm with you on the Merc - what a snazzy car.

    Fun answers.

  4. Thank you. I just assumed it's everyonne's preferred motor, but it seems not!

  5. Oh now those ready cooked supermarket chickens are tempting! Really good in a salad too... *grabs car keys*
    And besides I haven't an oven so I have an excuse! Yay I can run free!

  6. I'm a September baby making me a Virgo. I don't know if it's rising of if it's my sun sign but I thought you only get the one. How come you have four birthdays then?
    Thanks for the mention and for having the sense of the ridiculous to join in. :)

    1. That's your sun sign, which, apparently is what you show to the world. Your rising sign is supposed to be who you really are and we all have planets in houses at birth, depending on time and place. I think that's the gist of it, but will happily be corrected.

  7. Gah! I'm really hungry and I've just read about supermarket yummy chickens! With you on the Merc too....!

    1. The trouble is - I swear they're getting smaller and I'm normally so refined on what I will and won't buy chicken wise, but I ignore my principles when it comes to these! Yes, you're a classy merc lady, I can tell!

  8. Yep really important we appreciate all those readers without blogs as there are afterall an awful lot of them. Mich x

    1. Yes, you're right, and it's easy to adopt an altogether different language X

  9. Great answers. I am completely intrigued with the whole potato peeler thing?
    Lovely to meet you yesterday. The Ana Mum Diary (Amanda)

    1. Lovely to meet you too. I had a thing about buying them to replace some old (fantastic)IKEA ones, but found many of them lacking - and still do, but I have adjusted now! I did link it over . :)

  10. I don't mind blogs singing the praises of other bloggers (it can be inspiring), what does niggle me is the number of blogs simply full of product review after product review, often of products quite irrelevant to the blog theme.

    I've got to say I'm intrigued about the potato peelers too....
    Chrissie x