28 February 2013

A Mum Moment!

Partnered Post.

'Pink tickets? What tickets?' I asked, racking my brain.  Do you mean for a raffle?

My friend Sheila gave me 'the look' - you know the one you get when you're a mum and you don't know what someone's talking about and they look at you like you should and they're trying to be kind but they're exasperated.

'For your Birthday' she said.  I thought you might enjoy a night out so I got you pink tickets.'

Silence from me.  *Cue the eye roll* from her.

'Tickets to see 'Pink.'  You know 'Get the Party Started' - You used to like her.'

Aah. Oh.  The penny dropped.  'Pink.'  Why didn't she say that?

'Of course I would.  How delightful, thank you,' is what I'm saying, but, inside, what I'm thinking is thank Heavens for Mummy Plum's post about possibly being the only person not owning an Adele album and being out of touch with her old musical self since she'd had her children, because, right at that moment, it helped me feel less like a fool.

There is a hiatus when you have a baby, no doubt about it, about all sorts of things on all kinds of levels.

A sort of gap in the real you, the you you have come to know, in my case, way into my forties, and then you're taken over by this other, less organised person, less focused or 'together' soul who just doesn't 'get' much stuff.  The reason being, of course, you're not 'getting' enough sleep!

So I don't own an Adele album, and, yes I did and still like 'Pink.' I don't even own an ipod, but the seven year old does - bought by the same friend, Sheila, He likes to 'dock it' and blast out the Bee Gees which isn't actually helping to bridge the time warp.

I like music. I love dancing and it is, indeed, time to get that party started inside the real me again, because it is almost my Birthday, it's been almost four years since I had a baby and co-incidentally that long since 'Pink' has toured.

It doesn't really matter what colour the tickets are (or even that I remember the original by Shirley Bassey), I'm ready!