9 December 2013

A Prize a Day for Advent!

I've got my friend Helen Neale here today talking about her fantastic giveaway event - a really worthwhile prize every single day for the whole of Advent!

She's a clever sort, blogs over at Kiddy Charts, a site she started herself selling personalised childrens reward charts and more.  I've found the kids really respond to them and, indeed, gave them a mention a while ago when laid up after my knee op, but this isn't about that - this is about even more awesome stuff and there's still time to subscribe!


Tie some tinsel on your Christmas with the £1,900 KiddyCharts advent calendar giveaways!

Hello there, all you lovely Older Single Mum readers; thanks so much for having me on here. I promise I will be good. I might even do the washing up if you want me to *pass me the cloth will you?*

I have been allowed to grace this lovely blog tell you about something rather exciting that we are doing over on the KiddyCharts blog. Nearly two years ago I started this weird blogging journey, and I have met some wonderful people in that short space of time.

I had discovered that trying to do a job with demanding US based clients, and be a mum all at once really wasn't going to work. Late nights at work, and early mornings with babies caused some interesting looks at the office...depending on the amount of baby I had accidentally brought in with me of course ;-)

I gave it all up and started KiddyCharts; a site designed to help others going through the same experiences as me. I even managed to design a few children's charts to help people out. Since we starting selling them in earnest in January this year, we have expanded to offer four different kinds. Anything from charts to encourage healthy eating in kids, to our personalised reward charts enabling you to create a chart focused on those challenges your own kids need help with.

After a year in business, we have found that our track-based reward charts are the ones that our visitors like the most. So we crawled up to the attic, opened up the boxes hidden in the back of the wardrobe and gathered as much tinsel, baubles and glitter that we could lay our hands on, and made a KiddyCharts advent calendar that looks just like one of these wonderful charts. *with added Santa sparkle* He is rather cool don't you think?


However, all isn't what you would think inside this wee chart - oh no - he is a bit special. Opening a present, means that you have a chance to have a date with whomever you would like; I picked Robbie Williams myself *tart.* Ooh sorry - my mistake, no uber dates really - just a chance to win a different prize every....single....day...

That's still pretty good, right? Not Robbie Williams, of course, but still rather marvellous I would have thought? I have been rather busy stocking up *can you see what I did there* on prizes from some wonderful brands - so much so that there is over £1,900 worth of goodies for all you lovely people to get stuck in to.

The first giveaway went live on the 1st December. We managed to get a personalised Scooter for one lucky winner. After this, there is a new prize up for grabs every single day. We have had vouchers for some wonderful sites, including £100 from Experience Days, and three chances to win in one day with a £50 vouchers from Truprint.

All the giveaways are up there for a week, to give you a bit more time to enter them as we know what chaos it is at this time of year. Pop on over to the KiddyCharts advent calendar giveaway pages now and see for yourself. If you don't take a peek then there is no chance of you winning now is there? We even have a daily mailer going out to remind you to enter - so come along and enjoy the fun by signing up - it only takes a quick email and a click:

We hope you like the calendar. It's taken a lot of work to get it up and running, so much luck to everyone. I really hope that there are a few more smiley faces come Christmas Eve thanks to some of the prizes in our big red pressies. *pulls ribbons playfully.*


  1. ooh I've subscribed! thanks for the heads up :)

    1. 'Tis my pleasure - what we're here for! ;) x

  2. Thanks so much for having me on your blog my dear. And good luck to all who enter the competitions. xx

    1. You're most welcome. Thank you for strutting your stuff and your good wishes! :) x

  3. They are such great giveaways - thanks for the reminder,

    1. She's a star, that Helen - works really hard :)


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