12 September 2016

Parent Power with School Reviewer.

My Boys' First Days at Senior and Junior Schools.
One of the most anxiety inducing, sleep losing times ever as a parent is when it comes to choosing our childrens' schools, is it not?!

Catchment areas change, Headteachers come and go and, to add to the confusion, Ofsted wades in with its ratings and rankings, all of which can be out of date by decision time and we're all aware that some schools just play up to it better than others anyhow.

Most of us would agree, therefore, that the word on the street is where it's at.

And so has been born the School Reviewer Website!

It's pure parent power - parents learning from other parents about their child’s experience of a particular school.  Features include stats and knowledge about every UK school, info on catchment areas, a (no commission taken) buy and sell section, school forums, downloadable videos for GCSE math's, SATS and 11+ papers and it also recruits Home Tutors for free - aiming to have the largest and most trusted Tutor base on one site in the UK.

school reviewer,

It's new and its aim is to help us all ensure our childrens' educational journey is as happy, fulfilling and as rewarding as we can all possibly make it, because it's an up to the minute space provided for parents and by parents to talk and listen to each other.

The potential is awesome and this kind of thing must be particularly useful for people moving to a new area, plus, seeing as the second hurdle for most of us once we know where they're going is kitting them out in loads of new gear - uniform, sporting stuff, books etc., it's awfully handy to be able to trade directly with other-  grateful to sell - parents on there too.  Their listings are local and national, so specific uniform can be acquired locally and the other stuff can come from  / go to anywhere wihtout any fees being taken whatsoever!

And once we're all in the swing of things and problems start to surface - such as queries over homework methods or how to handle / prevent bullying, the Parents Forum (also local and national) really must come into is own as it opens up an avenue for advice or discussion on any conceivable topic.

Alongside these, School Reviewer intends to publish monthly Guides for Parents, the first of which has just been released, on the generally very touchy subject of Social Media.  They say 'It's designed to act as a reference for parents who are unfamiliar with the ups and downs, traps and joys of the most popular Social Media sites in the UK today - how they work, what to look out for, what to understand more about and how to talk to your children about them' and it's available for free when you register. 

school reviewer, guide to social media for parents,
The brand new Social Media Guide for Parents by School Reviewer.
All their guides will draw on parental experience and the insights of experts.

Lastly, the support for our childrens' actual education is what they're really all about.  Not only on the site itself with downloadable soundbite videos, filmed in class with amazingly qualified Teachers demonstrating unequivocally how to answer individual questions that relate to the dreaded SATS, famous 11+ or compulsory Maths GCSE, for example, which help us support our children better in line with newer teaching methods than we might have been used to, but also by creating their comprehensive country-wide DBS Certitifed Home Tutor listings, for which their is a burgeoning demand.

School Reviewer is completely unique.  They claim to be the only fully informative and fully interactive education website available on the internet, globally!  There is a wealth of information and huge amount of data available in place for over 42,000 schools, nurseries and colleges within the UK, but they welcome our reviews and input as their most powerful resource for other parents.

It is the 21st Century word on the street - designed to help us worry less, to make us feel more empowered in our decision making and to assist our children in being happier, better educated and more successful in their exams than ever.

We wish School Reviewer every success with this exciting new venture!

Disclosure - this is a collaborative post, but all words and opinions are my own, obvs.


  1. Ah, they look so cute yet grown up. Good luck to the boys going back to school. Why are school days so STRESSFUL? It's just one thing after another.

    1. Thank you - yes, we're in the middle of young vs grown up- quite a mixture! And they are so stressful, aren't they?! You're so right. Hoping this site can give us all somewhere to get the support we need!