1 October 2011

A Techno-Virgin.

That's what they call me - a techno-virgin!  That's what they call lots of us.  We're not techno-phobes i.e. fearful of technology.  No.  We're not scared.  We just haven't got a clue.

We don't mind admitting it.  You can get away with it a certain amount when you're the right (wrong?) side of 40.  It's even quite endearing.  Younger people feel sorry for you.  It's terrifically bonding with others who don't seem to mind not keeping up with Facebook / Twitter / Klaut etc. as we become increasingly outnumbered.

Yet sometimes these things come and bite you on the bottom.  Entering the blogging world as a virgin was a daunting, complicated  pleasure, well worth the efforts, frustration and tears.  It was much harder than the actual writing has ever been!  Navigating around sites can be mind boggling and time consuming, but sometimes it can pay to be an incy bit idiotic.

An inquiring email, innocently highlighting my ignorance to the blogger support lady (actually founder and top person) at BritMums has resulted, despite my lack of prowess in anything digital or remotely related to social networking, and them having 3000 proper members, in me being promoted as their BLOGGER OF THE WEEK!

Little old me.  Yes. Old.  As in Older Single Mum.  It's not a bad thing.  This might mean working out how to use my mobile more adventurously and taking a closer look at Twitter.  Who wants to stay a virgin for ever?

Happy days...