Single Mums' Stories.

The point of this blog has always been to be a voice for that single parent who is not what the general media perceive, or even portray her / him to be.

Apart from my general chat and malarchy and stuff defying this myth, I have collected together a number of intelligent other voices to tell their stories.

Their views of single motherhood and how their situations came about personify, indeed, the not-so-young-single-mum.  Each has something important to say.  Each is an inspiration.  Each has their own voice.  It is a pleasure and an honour to hear them here. Please show them your support.

Series 1  

Rosie Scribble

Kairen (Confessions of a Single Mum) Varker.

Annie (Mammasaurus) Spratt.,

Ellen (In a Bun Dance ) Arnison,

Katy (All Sweetness and Life) Horwood,

Sarah (St Bloggie de Riviere) Hague,

Mel (HerMelness Speaks) Fargo.

Anonymous friend.

My own - courtesy of Netmums, featured to kick off their 'Busting the Myths' Single Mums Week, inspired by this series of stories.

Series 2.

Kate (WitWitWoo) Sutton.

Elaine (Mortgage Free in Three) Colliar.

Chrissie Lewandowski

New Pyjama Mummy


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you - I have been over to your blog and invited you to add your own X

  2. So good to know that there are so many of 'us' out there! I don't conform to the stereotype either. In fact, very often I LOVE BEING SINGLE MUM! Of course, I wish things had turned out differently with their dad, but it is as it is and I do my best with the cards I've been dealt. My daughter is 7 and my twins just turned 6. Became single 2 1/2 years ago. As NewPyjamaMummy said, "THANK YOU for being a voice for us". x

    1. There are many of 'us' indeed and you are very welcome to add your voice too - would love your angle :)

  3. Hello there, stumbled upon your blog and just love it. I'd love to get involved, as you can see I also have a new blog/homage to the older single mum:


    1. Hi Gemma, Thanks for that. I've had a look round your blog and see you're still pregnant and going it alone. Am very happy to have you involved and vice versa :)

  4. Delighted to find your blog, via new PJ Mummy. I suppose I don't exactly count as a mum yet as I am a foster carer, but as I'm about to adopt one of my fostered children (at the age of 39!) I'll soon be joining your ranks. I've never married and have no birth children. There aren't that many single mums in the circles in which I move - nice to find a community that is celebrating the stereotype-breakers!

  5. So glad to find you and your site - and others on this extraordinary journey. As a single adopter, my experiences, challenges and triumphs are often just different! I'd love to come and join in this wonderful clan. Thanks for being there, Mx

  6. very handy links for me to look at putting into my single parent blog, thanks!!!