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Hiya. My name’s Anya.  The lady with that wine glass is very me.

I'm useless in the mornings, have terrible taste in men and am known for loving a laugh and welcoming an invitation to lunch.  

I'm PR friendly, just friendly in general and write for businesses including Netmums, the goodwebguideGingerbreadLove All Blogs, and BritMums 

Divorced with two young boys (now ten and six), we live down on the south coast, near Brighton, England, UK.  

I've travelled quite a bit and have got a background in the City, having worked my way up from Junior to Associate Director in Banking and International Money Broking, since when I've spent a long time exploring and working in the fields of Alternative Medicine.  

Here, it is general parenting prattle, sometimes about the kids or our Foreign Language students, or me defiantly resisting getting older, plus there is a sort of raising of a different kind of consciousness - that only a mere 2% of single mums are teenagers.  

Many of us had our children within marriages that didn't work out the way we hoped they would, but we make the best of everything despite our circumstances.  To this effect I run a special section called Single Mums' Stories, adding some seriously amazing and inspiring voices to my own chat. These are a far better representation of who the real majority of single parents are compared to the sensationalised rubbish in the media.      

There's also a section for some diaries I wrote, originally planning an eventual column somewhere about being pregnant at 45, discovering this is terrifying no matter how old you are, not least when the day you find out is the same one that you've told your husband you're divorcing him!  

This blog is in the Top Ten Most Influential UK Single Parent blogs.  It was a finalist in this years Best Writer category in the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards and was also nominated in this year's MAD Awards.
It made the finals of the Parenting Blog Awards HERE, the Top Ten Parent Blog Awards HERE and was also featured as one of the UK's Favourite Single Parent Blogs HERE

This is an authentic blog.  I am always be honest and will not compromise my integrity, so any commissioned content will be disclosed as such.

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