31 January 2012

CBeebies'Justin Fletcher - Hands Up - The Album

The long awaited 'Hands Up' Album
My children are young - nearly seven and nearly three.  The excitement in our house when this arrived for a (non-sponsored) review was an eye-opener. Seeing as our TV is presently not fit to watch, thanks to littlest ones Kung Fu Panda manoevres, it has come at exactly the right time.

It is properly available March 5th and if I haven't lost half a stone by then, it'll be very surprising.

Obviously you don't have to jump around the kitchen, but I've joined Liz Jarvis' The Mum Blog's New Year, New Body) and I really must, because using my two year old as an excuse not to be doing as well as the rest of the crew, whose pounds are falling off, is now appearing a tad lame!

So move around I must, therefore.  Well, a bit.  My knees are knackered.  Anyway, this Album gives you everything you would expect from the marvellous Justin - he of Cbeebies fame, Gigglebiz and Something Special - which brought him a much deserved BAFTA and makes him. so far, the only presenter of  of pre-school programmes to win one.

And in 2008 he was awarded and MBE for his services to Children's Television, so we're not in the presence of a mere anyone here.

It's very cheerful, quite entertaining and enjoyable.  There are 20 tracks. He sings them all in his usual distinctive voice, sometimes incorporating some of his shows' characters' ones too, which the eldest easily reconized and loved.  Although it's a bit studio-ish to begin with, Justin is soon in the swing of things (and so are we!).  There is a comedy element thrown in for good measure, in particular in his version of the old classic The Laughing Policeman.

Other tracks include The Teddy Bear's Picnic, The Hokey Cokey and The Wheels on the Bus, plus other old favourites in his own inimitable style, with a not-so-familiar beautiful lullaby to finish.

It can be pre-ordered here.  You won't be disappointed. It's great for parties and the car, as well as a knees up in the kitchen.

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this CD to review.