8 February 2012

Around the World in 80 Words - China!

Stay At Home Dad started a very interesting Linky - Around the World in 80 words and this is my contribution.  He has already started another one - Around the World in 80 Words #2 for the town in which he lives.  Is it any wonder it's impossible to keep up?

I went to China once. The whole tour thing – pre chucking-people-out-of-their- homes-for-the-Olympics time.

The food was awful.  Beijng was busy. The Terracotta soldiers were ENORMOUS. The art was incredible. The weather? Fab.

School childrens’ ‘special talents’ were identified at age three and ‘encouraged’ with an extra ‘few’ lessons per week, be it the violin, calligraphy, ANYTHING.

I stood in Tianenmen Square where hundreds / thousands of people were massacred in 1989.

Would I ever go again?  I’d really rather not.  

Not to mention The Great Wall to keep the Mongolians out - supposedly visible from Space, which is probably somewhere preferable!