14 July 2012

Things That I'm Rubbish At - Weight Watchers Review.

Weight Watchers sent me an enormous hamper while I was laid up recovering from a blood transfusion, after which I was supposed to re-build my strength with lots of food containing iron and get plenty of rest.  The last thing that would have been good for me or my health was to start dieting.  And I'm rubbish at it anyway.

For me, the answer to losing weight has always been exercise, plus for many years I have found it preferable to eat less dairy and wheat than most people do and avoid sugar where possible (turning a blind eye to its sky high content in wine).  But I've been rubbish at that lately as well.

Middle-Age spread has well and truly set in, together with post illness lethargy and lots of cake eating for the first time in my life.  It's rather a revelation - a joy even, but is undoubtedly responsible for my clothes shrinking.

I couldn't quite get to grips with the famous Points System that Weight Watchers use.  Call me old fashioned but I'd rather be counting calories (or not) than calculating points (or not!) - although they do it all for you on a mobile app and their enormously helpful, comprehensive and resourceful website.

They offer fabulous e-mail support and products, many of which are available in supermarkets, neatly among our usual brands. 

The hamper contents. 

Their biscuits are in sealed packets of two within the main sleeve and are smaller than you'd expect, but you get the psychological kick out of having them.  Same with the crisps.  The portion sizes are all smaller than normal - but therein lies the biggest lesson.  You can even find their freshly made sandwiches and wraps in shop fridges - significantly less fattening than those next to them. Didn't like the wine but will use the lemonade in Pimms if / when the Summer comes.  The curry and mediterranean sauces were OK if cooking individually, which, aside from omelettes, is a rare occurrence in this house, but they offer plenty of ideas and more practical recipes for family meals. 

It's not for me, yet they have two million members in the UK and their programme is very successful for many.  It's not their fault I haven't been inclined for one reason or another.  I could say the timing was off, but, let's face it, the truth is, to be honest, I was really rubbish at it.

Disclosure - Weight Watchers sent complementary samples of their products and I was signed up for free.  This was initiated by Liz Jarvis' New Year New Body.