6 July 2012

This, That and the Other.

After confessing to all and sundry that I didn't possess a proper 'phone for Tweeting, hence my periods of 'disappearing,' the shame creeping up on me evermore seriously since my eldest started his new school in a much more posh area, and eventually getting the better of me, we have lift off. I have downloaded the Twitter app. but it's nowhere to be found on the screen yet and I haven't dared actually try to do anything with it, plus I have discovered the joy of reading blogs while I'm out and about - just don't expect a comment any more.  This, undoubtedly, is the scientific explanation of  the general lament of Bloggers that while their stats increase, the number of comments doesn't.

I can't quite get over BritmumsLive.  I am still finding washing in the most bizarre places.  It was only two days, but dirty childrens' clothes have surfaced on the kitchen counter top - under a hillock of various papers and stuff, as well as being hung all over and up and down the stair bannisters, plus it has emerged from all corners and crevices in their bedroom and under the sofa in the sitting room. What's that all about?  The laundry bin was empty.

I've been quite dismayed at some of the negative coverage of what was, in my opinion, a well thought out yet too-busy-for-me event, but if you didn't go, here are the things you need to know:

Kate Takes 5 is really pretty and petite.  Motherventing is elegant and tall.  Older Mum is not old and is actually a cool cat - she's D-Jayed her way around Europe so undoubtedly always will be.  Ageing Matron is as timid as her writing isn't, but just as lovely as it is.  Ellen wasn't in a Bundance whatsoever - she was sassy.  And Ellie Stoneley had Baby Hope at 47!  Plus Karin from Cafe Bebe spent the entire time working really hard on her laptop social media-ing. Much of it was American. I didn't mind the half-naked waiters. I minded not being able to get a drink because I couldn't find one, then spent much of the party on the phone to my children.  Many people didn't wear badges (and looked worse for wear!) on the second day - they must have been hello- ed out.  That was disappointing.  More than 1% of attendees were too 'up themselves' to speak even on the first - word of my video had obviously not got out far enough (or perhaps it had?!) To this extent Mostly Yummy Mummy left and never came back.  The 'Butterflies Stand' didn't materialise because all the space was taken up with a grand list of sponsors instead.  This was a real pity.  On the whole it was a bit stilted and unfriendly - arguably intimidating, but, nevertheless, supremely well organized throughout, extremely professional and, ultimately, a rather impressive and, secretly, thrilling experience.      

The Other!
It's been almost a year since my lodger moved in and we're still together.  I've never regretted breaking the Never Bonk Your Lodger rule, but Rebecca from Here Come the Girls has asked me to write a post for a Blog Carnival she's running about parenting in difficult situations and it makes me wonder - not for the first time - whether I can still class myself as a Single Mum.  It would be great to know what you think.

I've just heard that Netmums is running a Mobiles for Meals Campaign - asking for unwanted, abandoned or even broken mobile phones to be donated to help feed hungry UK children through the wonderful Kids Company charity.  Some unused 'phones will apparently provide nutritious meals for a month and there are about 15 000 000 out there, so if you - or anyone else you know - can dig one out to help,  please do.  I feel less ashamed of my old one already!

Mobiles for meals
Camila Batmanghelidjh, Founder, Kids Company Charity.