10 August 2012

1 Woman, 10 Questions.

Michelle over at mummyratesit.co.uk writes a hilarious blog full of interesting stories, independent reviews, a fab '5 minutes: 5 stories feature' and a series of interviews with inspirational ladies she calls '1 woman 10 questions.'She calls her blog 'a bit of this, a bit of that' but she undersells herself.  This woman has soul.  She has previously worked at SHE and Good Housekeeping magazines, as a journalist @ thisislondon.co.uk (The Evening Standard’s website) and as Deputy Editor @ newwoman.co.uk.

She also trained as a YMCA Personal Trainer (something we have in common but have yet to natter about), so her informed and self-deprecatingly funny investigations into the latest health and fitness crazes are always worth a read, plus she also contributes Health & Beauty stories to www.dailyonline.co.uk

I'm honoured to be over there today, if you didn't know enough about me already, answering my ten questions, HERE.