12 September 2012

Lattes vs. Latter and Bottoms.

[Lattes / Latter - do you see what a big difference a small change can make?!] 

There's nothing like 'Time's up' to make you move your bottom. 

And I've been raiding mine!

Bottoms of handbags, bottoms of swimming bags, bottoms of coat pockets, bottoms of little pots in the kitchen, even my Other Half's bottoms of stuff.

It's amazing just how much cash is lying around the place.

It would buy a lotta Lattes.

Or, instead, we could do something sensible and wonderful with it and donate it all to Piggy Bank Kids, the charity set up by Sarah Brown and Ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown, in honour of their daughter, Jennifer, who died at just ten days old. 

So, rather than the lattes, we have gone for the latter and my kids are raiding their very own piggy banks in order to help towards the pioneering and groundbreaking scientific studies being conducted in the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory.

There has been a campaign over the last six weeks which will have passed many of us by, even those of us who were supposedly involved,  (ahem, blushes acccordingly and thinks wistfully of the school Summer Holidays ), about collecting our loose pennies, seeing them mount up and donating what we wouldn't miss, effectively.

It's not too late, even though 'Time's up' on the original campaign, there is another called the Small Steps Appeal.   So if you can find any 'Small Change' for it - and it's amazing just how much fun can be had raiding various bottoms, as well as just how much loot you'll surface, please consider the coffee option vs. the more charitable one and, should you manage it soon, do advise Ruth at dorkymum@yahoo.co.uk so she can include it in her grand Bloggers' total to be announced on Monday 17th September. 

You can donate HERE any time though.

Bottoms up, indeed.

#PenniesForPiggies – Time’s Up!