3 July 2013

A Time and a Place.

We recently went 'Glamping' with our friend newmumonline and my children came home with these:

Which could be considered par for the course when they're doing things like these:

So we didn't consider contacting a solicitor because there is a time and a place for that sort of thing and this wasn't it.

We made up a song instead, which the eldest has converted into a play for his homework:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,
All the King's horses and and the King's men
Had scrambled eggs for breakfast again!

If there's one thing the lovely Liska didn't get pictures of, it was the hens and the delicious eggs which were painstakingly scrambled over a wood burning stove in our posh tent, but she has posted literally loads of other pics - even one of our flushing loo - on her FB thread if you fancy taking a look!

[Disclosure - I have been compensated for this post, but the words and pics are my own, obvs.].