16 August 2013

The Power of 200 Calories.

Out and about with the kids.

I recently re-homed my old treadmill in our sitting room.  Seemly, I know.

The friend it had been given it to is selling her house, so I grabbed the opportunity for it back with both hands feet and have even been on it a few times, burning 200 calories at a time, just walking on an incline for 35-40 minutes.

It's not difficult.  Finding the space to do it without the kids around *might* be.  They are utterly transfixed by it so won't buzz off to the garden where they can run around properly, preferring to watch me not doing so.

Mad, I know.

Anyway, before the concussion started playing funny games with my head again, it was becoming quite enjoyable shunning any food or drink that might otherwise have been wolfed without a moment's hesitation, because burning 200 calories takes enough time for me to not wanting to have wasted it by then consuming anything that contained anything like that number .

So this meant I couldn't have a latte, but I could have a glass of wine.
I wouldn't accept an ice cream, but I would have a glass of wine.
Beer in the garden with the students was a no no, but, well, you know.... a glass of wine was a guilt-free yes, please. My blog doesn't look like this for no reason.  There is a reputation to maintain.

And because I was more mindful of how many calories had been burned off and didn't casually chuck a load down my neck any longer, my clothes have started to fit me again, but don't be too impressed, because this lasted about a fortnight before there's been a bit of a relapse while I rest to help my head get better and now, the calories that are not being burned are no longer thus being spurned.

*Slaps Self*

Although keeping fit with the kids, out and about in parks, scooting, cycling, swimming, rollerblading (them), or walking everywhere (me), is probably using about the equivalent amount of energy, albeit over a longer period, it's not having the same impact, because it lacks the intensity and intention that watching 200 calories tick up on a treadmill can have on the soul.

In this light,new pair of reebok trainers is called for as an incentive.  Isn't it weird how your feet change size and shape once you've had children - a bit like we do, it could be said!?  

I'm a trained Aerobics Instructor so I know how important it is to have correctly fitting footwear - it's something to bear in mind if you're returning to exercise after your kids have come on the scene and it's best to take it easy, build up slowly and learn how to use weights whilst walking if you want to.

Alas, it has given me no more discipline than anyone else - my reserves must have been drained, because although it might take months to properly recover from a head injury, it shouldn't be too hard to get it around the power of 200 Calories, should it? 

[Disclosure - I have been compensated for this post but was going to write it anyway and all words and pics are my own, obvs.].