18 June 2014

Being a Britmums Live Butterfly!

Once again, the biggest event in the blogging calendar is looming!  I have polished my wings from last year and will, once again, also, be strutting my stuff as a Britmums Live Butterfly!

This doesn't mean a lot to those of you who know nothing of and couldn't care less about blogging conferences, but for those who do, this is an important annual coming together of like minded people, who are passionate about blogging, want to meet up with their on-line mates and / or perhaps take what we do to the next level, either as a writer or as in viable business propositions in a market where parent bloggers are increasingly respected for their influence.

Strictly speaking, it would not be unreasonable to take for granted that this is not an event for the meek or shy and that most members of this most illustrious group of individuals - who have no worries about sharing their opinions on everything - might not be backwards in coming forwards, but, the truth is, that many of them are not so brave without the barrier of their keyboard / phone / tablet and can actually come quite unstuck when coming face to face with 500 other people just like them!

Cue The Butterflies for people with butterflies - meet the team here and guess who's in charge this year? Yes, little old me.  Less of the old, mind you.  Let's not mention that.

This year's Agenda is better than ever - with a new FOOD stream added to the PRACTICAL, BIZ & INSPIRE ones, the Speakers list looks awesome and I am very much looking forward to a special appearance from the ladies who set up and have made a musical called The Good Enough Mums Club. You must check out a really funny little clip of them HERE..

Also, there are a few WRITING sessions plus a couple of how to take terrific video on a smartphone, which I'll be attending.  There will be a table in each of the rooms with Butterflies on for anyone who's alone but I tell you more and how to get the most out of the conference, regardless of whether you're a newbie or need us Butterflies,on the Britmums site HERE, so do take a look at that too and come and say hello to us all.  We're on our own stand (next to the wine one, no less!) and will be fluttering about ready to give a warm welcome, much needed space or just have a chat in general, only, on this very special occasion, it will be in person! I can't wait to meet you.