17 November 2014

A Conversation with my Five Year Old.

I love conversations with little children, especially those they have between them and when they're five years old, but this one was just my youngest and me when we were in my bed the other morning.

Him: 'Mummy, I want to grow a moustache.'

Me: 'Ah, that's lovely darling! What kind?'

Him: 'Not one like this' - he formed the shape of a Hitler style one across his upper lip.

Me: 'Phew. OK. Brilliant. What like then?'

He took two hands and elaborately drew, from the centre of his upper lip, an imaginary long and glorious moustache with big curls up at the end each side. 'Like this,' he said proudly.

Me: 'Wow! You should be able to manage that in about, er, ten years time..... but it looks great!'

Him: 'And then I want a beard.'

Me: 'Oooh, lovely. One like this?' Taking his two handed cue, I mimicked a very long, magnificent one.

Him: Horrified. 'Nooooo. I don't want one like Father Christmas! I want one of those little triangle ones.' And he showed me a very small, delicate little thing off the end of his chin.

Me: A goatee beard?

Him: 'Yes!'  

Me. Surprised (and a tad disappointed if I'm honest): 'Fabulous darling. Why do you want one of those?'

Him: 'Because they look awesome. And the Master has one in Power Rangers and they're really cool.'

Me:  'You dont' fancy a Gary Barlow type one? That's what I call a nice beard.'

Him:  'But he's about 50!'

A thoughtful pause.

Him:  'Mummy, I want a baby.'

What kind of convos do you have with your kids?


  1. Ah that's the perfect chat with a child - this is what makes parenting all so brilliant in my mind :)

    1. We really should record them as they pass all too soon (hence your Wot so Funnee!) X

  2. Love the chat. Love the beard and the mustache descriptions but that "I want a baby" comment hit me from left field. I guess it did you too?
    Liska xx

    1. Absolutely! I'm sure you have some crazy kids convos too :) xx

  3. Love conversations with 5yos. 5 has been the best year so far in terms of interesting and exciting to see them grow up.

    1. It's such a wonderful age - so innocent and curious and bright :)

  4. Conversations with kids can be hilarious, and they only get better with age.

  5. Brilliant - that's made me giggle. We have plenty of conversations like that in this house - although they generally involve animals!

  6. Haha brilliant post! I love that he thinks Gary Barlow is about 50 but the baby one came out of nowhere eh? :)

  7. Brilliant - I loved this.... so he's going to go all beat-nick and goatee then? But don't worry - he'll grow out of it (pardon the pun!). XXX

  8. oh that was fantastic! I love the way kids get things mixed up