25 February 2015

Everything Different.

the sea, brighton,
One perspective. 
It can be a lonely business being a writer.  I like to take the lap top into town sometimes, purchase a coffee whilst perusing the passers-by and be away from the distraction of domestic drudgery.  It’s much more fun than being at home and the very best way to get things done.

There’s never any shortage of something interesting to see in or near Brighton.  There will be people with green, purple or pink hair.  There will be an array of bright and breezy coloured weird clothing combinations and business persons - suited and booted - will mingle with the sandal-wearing vegans dressed in hemp.  Plus, of course, depending on the venue of the day, there’s always the possibility of working with a sea view.

It struck me recently though, that I sit in the same places, in the same cafes, ordering the same things in them and, lovely as they all are, it felt like time to shake it up a bit.

sea, brighton,
A different perspective.
My first few forays were unnerving.  There wasn’t always WiFi for a start.  Or anywhere to plug anything in when my battery was getting too low.  At least when you’re familiar with a place and they’re familiar with you, these things are a given. (I always ask permission before using anyone else’s power and you can’t always find someone somewhere new!).

Then there’s the parking issue. I HATE paying over the odds for that when the cash could go towards something nice for lunch instead, so that threw me a bit too and it was quite hard to continue my ‘Everything different’ drive. 

Plus, the kids didn’t like it when it came to the week-ends. We’ve been going to alternative parts of the beach – or *gasp* not going at all.  Even just walking in the opposite direction has rattled them and they haven't appreciated my daring little detours when we're driving.  We’re playing more board games, watching less movies (if you don’t count the shedload while the little one was ill in half-term) and generally just jazzing things up.  It seems they needed it equally as as much!

But then, then, oh then, after a few months of this, I found myself back in an old haunt and, for a moment, considered sitting somewhere really out of character and ordering a liquorice tea, in order to, you know, keep the whole new change thing going.  However, I treated myself, instead, to what would have been my usual fayre.  The pleasure took me by surprise - it felt like I’d come home.

For a start, it alleviated any lurking loneliness.  The familiarity of my coffee was a complete comfort and joy.  And I realised why we pick our places and we stick with them until we’re perhaps, too stuck - it’s because we've chosen them over and above the rest for a reason.  They suit us.  We love them.    
We've enjoyed ‘Everything different’ - it certainly has its place.  Getting out of a rut has been good for us all, but it has also brought extra pleasure to what I was already doing and where we were already going.  The children have become more (graciously!) adaptable and the exploring and venturing further afield will continue, spoiled as we are with a wealth of opportunity where we live - between the foot of the Sussex Downs and the coast.  Now that the kids are older, it's time for us all to spread our wings a little further.

Just don’t let me dye my hair.

Have you tried anything new lately?

sea, brighton,
A change of viewpoint.