27 June 2015

Fritaly (or Mark Warner, Corsica).

The email came late Wednesday afternoon. Were the boys and I free for a press trip this coming Saturday?  For a week.  To Corsica!

*Panic* Schools to sort out.  Students to find a sitter for.  Oh and they were due to see their dad. 

Bit short notice.  Should we stay or should we go?

The first school was sorted pretty swiftly - permission granted for a work related matter.  One can't review a family holiday without the family.  The second school said unauthorised absence would be recorded and a possible fine of £60 to come, but it wouldn't impact my son (the six year old) in any other way.  

Still the ex-husband to go.  Thinking he'd be the hardest nut to crack.  Cue many apologies on my part, terrible trades made, the emphasis on 'work' again and he was surprisingly fine. 

Had a chat with the children.  Told them about an invitation to Corsica with Mark Warner holidays again.  Said it's near Italy, but, politically, it's French.  They christened it Fritaly. 

Bribed the students.  Bribed my friends to cook, clean, do their washing, house sit, make them practise their English and generally look after them.

Everyone's happy and as far as press trips go, things could be worse.  

Here's their official video.  It's a flight of just over two hours and a short transfer so by the time you're eating your lunch today, we'll hopefully be there, in Fritaly!

Disclosure - we've been invited as guests of Mark Warner holidays and I look forward to giving you an honest review on our return.  However I can already tell you it's much more reasonably priced than you think and there are lots of deals for the summer holidays!

See you very soon,

Anya XX