19 August 2011

A Park Incident.

OMG what is happening to the world?

A friend was sitting in a park, in between his shifts as ASDA, snoozing, reading and enjoying the sun, when a group of young men playing football decided that he was a paedophile.

They took photographs, stole his Store identity card and generally kicked and thumped him when he fought to re-gain his privacy.

The man is a Political Journalist in the country he comes from in Eastern Europe.  He is nearly 50 years old, with a teenage daughter and son.  He works hard here to maintain his family, whom he misses with all his heart.  You couldn’t meet anybody more decent. 

He fetched his Landlord and they called the Police, but no charges were pressed against any of them.  This man’s life is in tatters, but he is lucky he has it at all considering everything.

You can’t blame the youths and you can’t blame my friend.  The real problem lies in the fact that those who shouldn’t be in the park, because they pose a genuine threat to our little ones, will be and we are all condemned to a constant source of worry, when we could be relaxing and enjoying our lives.

It is about time all such people were properly strung up and the innocence of children and adults alike is protected.  That, surely, is a basic human right deserving of the zeal applied to those of the perverts who walk among us all and don’t sit on park benches genuinely dozing.

Robson was once approached by a man in our local library.  Fetching a glass of water, he wasn’t left alone long enough by me for anything worse to have occurred.  Fortunately he didn’t know what a beckoning sign meant and he didn’t mention it until we were at home later that evening.

When I informed the local Police, they immediately identified him in their minds, but were powerless to, perhaps, prevent anything more harmful happening to some other intended victim. 

Now where’s a gang of honourably intentioned thugs when you need one..?