14 October 2011

Lamb and Pear Diet.

I've lost 41bs this week on the Lamb and Pear diet.  Originally founded in the U.S., where they don't eat much of either, it's purpose is to distinguish those foods that suit you from those that don't.  I felt great eating loads of both, never going hungry and stronger and slimmer by the day, but the detoxification soon set in, something for which I was totally unprepared.

A chronic headache, spots and bad breath meant the swift consumption of a milky coffee or glass of vino, just to slow down the process, obviously (!) and it worked. It's only supposed to last a fortnight because it's not nutritionally sound, being used mainly to eliminate everything else and each time you add a food, you can see what you react to (bloating, fatigue, other symptoms) almost immediately.

I think the pears are supposed to be peeled, but that's all a bit too messy for me - out and about a lot with two little boys in tow, who tend to make enough mess for all of us combined, and as if there isn't enough stuff to lug around with them anyway (snacks, changes of clothes ALWAYS used etc.), then a big bag of the preferably harder variety can be thrown on the buggy somewhere.  Otherwise there is mush.

This week I have tried to be more generous with myself and lapsed a great deal because the new man in my life says I taste different when he kisses me, so I have resorted to only half stuffing my face with my normal diet amid lamb and pears the rest of the time.  It doesn't really work because, naturally, the benefits are compromised as a result!  My belly has returned, I am retaining water (but not nearly so much) and I feel an all round sense of disappointment.

My energy levels were higher when doing the diet properly and it reminds me of a time in my twenties ( a very long time ago), discovering I had systemic Candida, when avoiding yeast, dairy, sugar and wheat changed my whole life.  I contributed to a couple of books, invented recipes and was a good all round egg in getting information sheets together and spreading the word. It's where my interest in natural medicine was sparked as feeling tired all the time doesn't wash with today's G.P.s.  They say it's normal, but the truth is - it's COMMON, not normal!!!

Anyway, I shall persevere, raid the bank ('coz neither come all that cheaply) and keep you informed. In the meanwhile, it wouldn't hurt to check out Heidi Grimwood's blog if such matters resonate somewhere in your soul and take on board something someone said, whereby I had let these anti-candida food intolerance restrictions go because it meant enduring so much aggravation from Shitty Ex-Husband, only to find that this was replaced slowly but surely by a downward disintegration of my health, increasingly awful periods and spending my forties feeling fat and frumpy.  Now we all know that inside, we're really thirty something, raring to go little tigers and want to look and feel like we are. 

Yeah but, No but...