17 October 2011

Our First Date.

How can you have a First Date when you have lived together?  Essential though it is to normally get to know each other before such a move, we found our friendship rapidly developed once we shared a house.  He was my lodger.

He found me 'amazing, extraordinary and beautiful.'  I couldn't work out if he was a weed.

On the contrary.  His quiet ways (quite the opposite to those of my Ex have transpired to be those of someone comfortable in their own skin (quite the opposite to me, but that is another story), with nothing to prove to the world.  He is the epitome of cool.  Of course, it is entirely possible that he could, perhaps, be a psycopath?

However, in the meanwhile, in the absence of evidence of such a notion, we were able to enjoy a rather blissful, scenic walk, while the children were with their father (still supervised by my friend).  The weather was perfect.  We sat on a beautiful beach and did NOTHING.  Sweet Fanny Adams.  Zip.  And NOTHING could have made me happier.

When does a mother (let alone a single one) get to do just that?  Who says dating in your forties needs to be complicated?

No finer place to do NOTHING..!