21 October 2011

Liebster Blog Award

Well we have been bestowed with the Liebster Blog Award by the lovely lady at Older Mum.  Its premise seems to be highlighting worthwhile blogs to a new audience or 'spreading the love' as it's called.  It emanates from the word 'Liebster,' (German) which means 'dear' and 'Lieber,' the verb 'to love.'

Mine was given 'for beautifully written, witty, and very creative posts.'

Hooray!  Thank you so much to her.  She is like everyone's therapist, writes a heartfelt, thoughtful and very informative, professional blog herself and supports all us other newbies in a way we would all love to, but don't seem to be able to manage to.  Nevertheless she is a fellow spirit.  (And I make her look young!) Thank you,  good lady. 

Leibster Award Rules

1. Thank my Liebster Blog Award presenter on my blog
2. Link back to the blogger who awarded you
3. Copy & paste the award to your blog
4. Nominate 5 blogs to receive the award
5. Let them know of their nomination by leaving a comment on their blog
Finally, try to pass the award on to blogs that are fairly new and have less
than 200 followers.  Or 300, depending upon who you read!

My nominations are as follows.
1)  Actually Mummy - The Diary of a Loquacious Schoolgirl.  Well this little lady (in reality her mother) really needs little help from me, but her rather chirpy outlook on life is an enjoyable read and she is still quite new.  Her wot-so-funee stuff  is well worth joining in, if you're not still struggling to get through the day, like some of us.  She is also supportive of other new bloggers and it is much appreciated.

2) 12hourstobedtime We've all counted down the hours until bedtime and who can blame a lady with four children?  It must be what gets you through.  This is a light hearted look at an adventurous Yorkshire lady's life in Vancouver.  It's heartening that all our trials and tribulations are global!

3) Here Come the Girls  Living here, outnumbered by males 4:1, I love reading about all these girls.  This fab blog is bright and cheerful and the writer has loads to say about everything.  She makes me laugh.

4)  The Plankton.  You love or hate her.  She doesn't exactly need her profile raising either, with a column in the Times and all, however it's fair to honour her honesty, her warmth and humour about being over 35, single, with children and, at what she calls, therefore, being at the 'bottom of the sexual food chain.'  It's difficult to argue with her, yet my own changing cirumstances would indicate there is hope for us all.  I hereby bow to the sheer commitment and stamina of the woman.

5) http://paintnglue.blogspot.com/   This is written by a lady with one hand who is creative in a way that can inspire us all.  Mainly picture based, her blog is fun and informative, with great ideas.  She is inventive, informative and remodels, renovates and re-works all sorts of things. Definitely worth checking her out.