30 November 2011

My First Blog Post - Shitty Ex-Husband.

The ingenius Mammasaurus has suggested we link up our First Blog Posts.  As she says, they often establish who we are and don't often get read later on.  Here's mine.  I really look forward to reading others.  It also gives rise to the opportunity to introduce a series from other single parents which I hope to start here soon:

This is the voice of an older single parent. Everybody knows one. We're not all born on Council Estates and we are severely under-represented or mis-represented.
And another please...
The term 'Single Mum' conjures up such images as a young girl with offspring, sometimes of various parenthood, broke and scrounging off the State, but this is also unfair.

It was never meant to be this way. Some of us were married to the father(s) of our children, even before we were pregnant! And the marriage broke down and we were left lumbered with the demands of our Darling Angels alone.

Plus the demands of a shitty ex - husband.

Mine is probably not one of the worst, however he is mean and spiteful and controlling and that's why I divorced him.

Of course, he will never forgive me. He thinks I will 'come to my senses' and 'we will re-marry.'

Did I mention he must be deranged?

Technically, perhaps, it could be said I am an Ex-WAG, but I think that is too mis-leading to write, so I won't.

My shitty ex-husband, as we shall refer to him, was, indeed, a famous Sportsman in his time, but seeing as we are ancient and I didn't even know him then and it was before the term had even been invented and his sport - Rugby - was still amateur and the lack of cash for his 'lifetime of graft' still rankles him, then it is absolutely wrong to use that expression.

However, I think it is appropriate to bring it up, for the size of his ego, his inability to behave in a normal fashion (what first attracted me to him and ultimately what still drives me mad about him) and his willingness for the world only to revolve around him are entirely and exactly, I think, why I was to become a single mum.

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  1. Oh a shitty ex husband ey? I have one of those, I haven't been able to work out how some people seem rather nice at first and then slowly over time start manipulating and bossing you around, so slowly in fact that you don't even notice it's happening until it's become a habit.

    Good to hear a voice of an older single mum :)

  2. I agree with you entirely about how it becomes a way of life. Someone recommended this book, http://oldersinglemum.blogspot.com/2011/09/why-does-he-do-that.html
    so I gave it a bit of a peruse...

  3. ...and then wrote aobut it a bit here http://oldersinglemum.blogspot.com/2011/09/so-glad-am-outta-there.html

    Very useful, but didn't drag whole lot up again. Glad you like the voice of an older single mum - It has become my mission to change the general perception of us! Thank you for your support. Xx

  4. You should do a blog hop to link everyone up.

  5. Excellent idea. I'll just go and find mine - first post that is not shitty ex husband.

  6. Great first ever post - totally lays out your theme for your blog. Have had one particularly shitty ex boyfriend. Like the idea of doing a blog hop for your single mum posts - you could create a really supportive community.

  7. My ex left over a year ago. We have a son together. I wasn't bothered about having another child as I had two from a previous marriage. I merely married my current husband so I had someone to look after me and my boys. Now he has taken up with a younger woman. She wants to get married and have kids with my husband. I don't love my husband and never really did but I don't want him to leave for good as he's my security.

    Now he's divorcing me and making me homeless I hate him!