26 November 2011


It’s a long time since I’ve heard the word ‘Sassy.  The lovely Older Mum used it introducing my guest piece on her blog as part of her ‘Being an Older Mum series.’ 

Combined with a couple of other things this week, they conspired to remind me, in part, of  who I used to be. The brilliantly original and ubiquitous Mammasaurus and other bloggers were setting up a drinks party for Friday night and it is the sort of thing the old me would not have missed for the world, but now…? 

Also, having published the Birth Story of my first son over at Actually Mummy, it took me back to how ‘Sassy’ I must have been, to make the choices I made, with the indifferent confidence and panache, that I did.

To have worked in ‘The City’ and been successful, must have taken something, then to leave it all and be driving around in a sports car, working in the Healing Arts was considered by many to be ‘odd,’ ‘mad’ or ‘disingenuous.’

It would be preferable to say ‘Sassy,’ if you don’t mind, please - even that it could have become my middle name, if we were being kind!   So what if other people’s incorrect perceptions – and assertions, even - are narrow minded at best, spiteful at worst or just plain ignorant?

Well, we all know that they can bring you down, gradually. And that having children can cause a lack of a once prevalent va-va-voom, warping it somehow into shyness.  Is it also age? (Late forties here – please tweet me yours with a wink and only we’ll know what it means!). My Shitty Ex-Husband can almost certainly cop a great deal of the blame, but avidly reading other women’s blogs tells me more factors are at play than just these things, including, naturally, http://kateonthinice.wordpress.com/ - Getting Your Groove Back Blog Hop.

This is a recent discovery and it's something fascinating.  Now if there’s anything you can say about lots of these lovely blogging women, their appeal is their outright 'Sassiness.'  Despite their vulnerabilities, many open heartedly admitted to, their wit, camaraderie and courage shine through.

It’s impossible to keep up with all the incredible people out there blogging since joining BritMums and Twitter – I have a new boyfriend after all (and hey, what does that say?!) – but I get involved as much as possible, in my heart, being an older single mum working from a dodgy computer and a half decent mobile. 

It must be a case of catchy Sassy-itis.  You ladies are bringing it out from hidden depths, something from somewhere, hitherto unrecognised.  You know who you are. Thank you.  

And thank you to Sarah at Older Mum for saying 'Sassy' it is!