23 January 2012

Seven Secret Things...

I have been tagged again - by the fabulous and clever, very decent counsellor sort, Older Mum for 'Seven Secret Things.' 

Here they are -

1) I have a thing about potato peelers. I buy them eveywhere I go in a vain attempt to replace my old line cheap IKEA ones which were perfect and which wore out. It is an ongoing strife of mine.

2)When I was young and healthy I taught aerobics. It knackered my knees. Now I prefer to drink wine and it shows. Plus, in retrospect, that was the energy Mother Nature endows us with for raising our kids, so, to be truthful, I'm knackered all over.

3) Mummy Misfit and I have established that I am the only woman in the world never to have used hair straighteners, blessed as I am with half Indian (still undyed despite my age) hair and I couldn't leave the house without eye make up. Plus lippy as well on a good day. Only a young baby combined with the school run have got the better of me. TWICE. Not that I still wake up in the night fretting about how naked I felt, you understand.

4) Ironing is a love. A film on the telly and a big stack of it. Very satisfying. Mind you, since 'Twitter' (where I feel it's my duty to inform eveyone I can about bacon sandwiches being calorie free on each and every Friday, even during January), it happens less and less. But I can't be one of those ladies who does things on a particular day because...

5).... Routine makes me feel claustrophobic.  I read today that this is typical of someone born in the Chinese year of the Dragon, which I was and which we are now in.  Hence, my two little chaps are amazingly adaptable.

6) I have recently got into properly-fitted bras. They make me feel a new woman. They even make me walk differently. Highly recommended after the gravity and confidence knocking effects of  having kids.

7) And I have recently come to finally accept that my mother and I just don't get on, no matter how hard we both try.  This acceptance is quite liberating and eliminates another ongoing, exhausting strife!

If you want to know seven other silly / serious things, please click here for my Versatile Blogger Award post.

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Coming up soon - why most women can benefit from employing a cleaner and CBeebies' Justin Fletcher CD Review.


  1. I've never used hair straighteners either; rather tried some pretty distressing experiments with curlers. Thanks for the tag.

  2. I've never used hair straighteners. My hairdresser used them on me once but probably gave up because I didn't buy the pair sitting in a box in front of me for some exorbitant price.

    Can't remember the last time I ironed... it was some time last year. :) I get discouraged because anything I iron for the boys just ends up on the floor or squashed into a drawer.

  3. Well I'm obviously not the only one who hasn't used straighteners then, but we must be few and far between! Shame has got the better of me when not ironing, lately!

  4. I'm so with you on the properly fitting bra - I need some of those - really do boost your confidence (and your rack). I'm still in bloody nursing bras much to my annoynace. I don't get on too well my my folks either, and I dont think there is anything wrong with that - we dont get to choose our family so why put pressure and angst on ourselves when things dont work out as we would have liked them too. Best to be honest about it and do the best we can,.

  5. You're a brick, Older Mum. Always there with the right word of two. Thank you for your input and the tag!

  6. I much prefer drinking wine too! Definitely with you on that one, and getting a properly fitted bra - I really need to do that, I'm sure it will improve lots of things about me! I only started using straighteners at Christmas. On a completle impulse I asked my husband for some when he asked what I wanted. I then spent the rest of December wondering WHAT on EARTH I'd done but now I've got them, their fab. They make such a difference even though my hair is practically straight anway. Ironing? Are you crazy? I don't mind doing it if I can do it 8 pieces at a time, or so. There is NOTHING satisfying, IMHO, about a whole pile of ironing. Depressing, yes, satisfying, no. Great to come to terms with things (mother related). Very liberating! Great post. Polly x


  7. Jeez, my spelling. REALLY should proof read first. They're fab, of course. They're fab. Polly

  8. Thx Polly. God, I'd never bother with 8 pieces of ironing! I like to make it worth my while to watch a film! Will Cheers! you over Twitter at Wine O'Clock!

  9. Just for you I've revealed seven very secret secrets today!

  10. Thank you for those Anna. Donkeys and Bodyguards in the same few paragraphs? That's a first! Cheers.

  11. Whoop whoop a fellow ironing loving fan! *hi 5* !