19 January 2012

'Land of Sometimes' Audio Children's CD - Review

Taking a beak from our Series of Stories from Single Mums for a while, here's a charming number to enjoy.

A Mysterious Magical Musical Journey by Francesca Longrigg

My children were really taken by this totally unique audio musical story.

It is beautifully narrated and exquisitely illustrated in an accompanying small book, which the littlest could not put down. My six year old and his friend were mesmerised by its corresponding 'fantastic' website which enabled them to sing along to every song, as it contains all the exciting lyrics, as well as an interactive map of the 'Land of Sometimes,' plus the other more usual stuff for kids.

It is a story of twins, Elise and Alfie, wishing to go 'to the silver line that holds up the sea and outlines the sky.'  Living by the coast, this is particularly meaningful, as it is a line I see at the end of my road every day!

Their wish is heard, suffice to say, and they are guided on a truly imaginative journey, so perfectly described, it appeals to all your senses.  Flowers, colours, smells, tastes and sounds seem to flow forth. The story weaves around original, melodic songs that belong to a real range of cheerful, friendly, soulful characters that they meet while they explore and four whole seasons pass in this one day.

The music is varied (from folk to jazz, reggae to disco) and some big names feature, including Ruby Turner, Jools Holland's horn section and Austin Howard (from the band Ellis Beggs and Howard).  The children who appear on the album were all discovered in the schools around Noth London.  Although my two found one of the songs quite creepy, we have already established firm favourites each.

It is quite funny, definitely entertaining and has a wide appeal. There is an electric volcano, a man with flying feet, a naughty fairy and kittens, for example!

It is quite soothing to have on in the background and its multi-approach is keeping my two occupied during that normally fraught hour of trying to get dinner sorted.  It, therefore, is something we could heartily recommend.

It is released 6th February, but you can pre-order.

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Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this CD to review.