27 February 2012

Tesco Real Food - Cooking with Kids

We went to our first Bloggers' event very recently because it meant I could drag the kids.  In fact, what am I talking about (?) - it was for the kids!

Tesco Real Food has launched a Cooking with Kids Customer Recipe Challenge and were hosting a Childrens' Cook-Along afternoon.  Only we managed to make a bit of a faux-pas before we managed to make anything with our ingredients!

Whilst we were discussing healthy eating and cooking being great fun for the little ones, thus, hopefully, engaging them in both for the long-term and what incredible prizes can be won for sharing their recipes on the web-site, my two boys were, indeed, thoroughly enjoying getting stuck in.

Robson really fancies himself as a Chef and the lady guiding us all along asked him who his favourite is. She suggested perhaps Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver. He thought about it for a while and proffered Antony Worrall-Thompson.  Then someone reminded us all he's probably not the most popular person to mention in Tesco's lately, having famously been caught stealing in one of their branches.

They were awfully gracious.


..we made 'Super Spinach (and Feta) Filo Tarts' 

and Beetroot and Chocolate Muffins.

As you can see, my little Angels surpassed themselves, as did our hosts.  It was a delight to meet several other Mum Bloggers, to make some new acquaintances and watch the children 'learning by doing' and happily eating their own creations afterwards.  Well, sort of... beetroot in the cake didn't really go down as well as carrot does, but it was well worth a try.   

And what's really worth a shot is uploading your own healthy-ish Cooking with Kids recipe.  You'll be entered into a weekly draw to win great prizes - including an internet enabled radio this week and have a chance of winning the Grand Prize of a family cookery week-end at Augill Castle, plus star in your own Real Food cooking video with a top chef.  Even though getting caught on camera by Tesco isn't everyone's best career move, you never know your little ones' luck!

The event took place in a wonderful little corner of the world that has been created.  It is called Maggie and Rose, is in Kensington, London and is a right hubbub of activity for families.  Together with this Tesco incentive they proved it can be great fun getting kids cooking from a young age.  Mine were no exception.

They all made their own Chefs hats and the boys have been inspired to continue what they learned - easily adapting recipes to their own taste and to include fruit and veg for a healthy twist. The sooner they're running the kitchen the better! 

We'll be uploading our recipes!

  Disclosure - Tesco are re-imbursing expenses and gave the children some cooking goodies. This event is featured on the Tesco Real Food site.