2 March 2012

Brit Mums Live - Meet and Greet.

Hello all Brit Mums Live go-ers. I don't mean 'go-ers' go-ers - no offence - oh you know what I mean!

Anyway, my name's Anya, here to introduce myself to help break the ice - not that you're frosty, cold or indifferent or anything - I hardly know you - which brings me to the point - here's my bit to help us all sort of  'know' each other better before the big day - not the Big Day like someone's getting married or anything - but a Big Day like a  modern day Arranged Marriage you could say - it's all set and we're waiting to meet each other and lots of friends will be there.

This is me.  Oh to be young and confident again and all 5ft of me raring to go.

Not young, not confident...

I've got two boys who will be aged seven and three by the time of the Conference.  They wear me out but I love 'em madly, having been blessed with them in my forties.  I am divorced from their (shitty) father but have a (wonderful) partner now.

We watch too many films in the crummy weather, but when it's kind we're down the local beach, walking and munching bacon sandwiches at every opportunity.  Apparently, they're calorie free on Fridays.

I quite like writing my blog and am becoming a bit ambitious with writing in general.  I've been at home for several years, so it's a healthy outlet.  I have thrown together a couple of books (unfinished) and kept myself busy throughout, genuinely enjoying being out of the rat race.  I worked with some BIG rats in the City, before exploring the Healing Arts, which is just as full of them. Trust me!

I wanted to be a voice for single mothers who aren't teenagers and mis-guided scroungers but found I wasn't enough on my own, so landed some bigwigs on my blog who added enough weight for Netmums (Is it ok to say Netmums on Britmums?) to pick up the theme and feature it for a whole week on their site with some snazzy stats and all.  My proudest moment.  Since the kids, natch.