27 March 2012

Listography - Top 5 Beauty Products

This week the Listography at  Kate Takes 5 is our top 5 Beauty Products - those with no bias.

People are always telling me I look young for my age (48).  What no-one ever tells you is that, as you get older, you don't actually feel it!

Going against the grain I'm afraid, as per the norm - I just can't help myself - here are mine:

My mum used this when I was young and it has certainly worked for her.  I have tried a million moisturisers - or so it seems, but nothing hits the spot quite like this old fashioned pot. My only worry is that I don't think there is a decent (if any) Sun Protection Factor, so I make a point of using a tinted moisturiser on top.  That's a no-go in the Summer though so I will be adding something or other.

Call me old fashioned (again!), but when I'm asked what my 'secret' is - it is only this - 

Lots of it...

But these really help too:

Ones that cover your  wrinkle area...any decent quality will do!

I am lucky enough to have older girlfriends who give me sage advice - prevention is better than cure for the eyes and the hands.

This is really important to stop those tell tale age spots forming.  Move over Madonna!

This particular hand cream I use at present is by the Body Shop and contains essential oil of Rose.  It has SPF 15, but 50 is apparently better!

I'm really sorry, but these are my biggest luxuries.  Once the basics are right - you need decent make up.

Who can live without something for those dark circles under our eyes? It's great to see other entries offering their pride savers and I look forward to experimenting with them.  I even wrote a post involving the one I currently use once! There's a reason it's -allegedly - one of the top selling beauty products in the country!

YSL Touche Eclat.

And in case you don't count the sunglasses, here's no. 5:

Chanel eyeshadow  is baked and  (almost) never breaks.