22 March 2012

You know you're a grumpy old woman when ....

The gorgeous Kate Takes 5's latest Listography is 'I know I'm  a...'

Seeing as Sarah Miles has already done 'she's knows she's a bit of a lush' I thought I'd do 'I know I'm  a grumpy old woman ....' but I've accidentally done mine as 'You know you're a ....'' and I'm too old and grumpy to change it!

You know you're a grumpy old woman when...

1) Your children climb into bed with you and it takes all the will you've got left in the world to remain polite to them.

2) Your house is a mess and rather than the rigamorole of sorting it out for the millionth time yourself, you employ a cleaner instead.

3) You realise that the majority of everything that needs doing will just flippin' wait.

4) You start to begrudgingly appreciate your horrendous periods, because it seems they're preferable to the onset of menopausal hot flushes which looms a tad nearer every time YOUR OWN FRIENDS mention theirs.

5) You are grateful for any peace - even though you've become suspicious of it, you're on the third time round of some truly horrendous fashion cycles and you well know, deep down, by now, that life really is too short not to eat carrot cake.

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  1. You've described me perfectly, except I'm worse than you because my kids are banned from my bed. But I have just cleaned my own house (after two months) because two visits from a cleaner made me feel Pointless as a Woman!

  2. So glad you like. Still grumpy tho X

  3. Ha! I can relate to some of this especially the fashion cycles - it just seems very wrong that I'm wearing a rehashed versions of what I wore badly, anyway, when I was 16 years old. I have a cleaner too - helps immensely!

  4. Well I don't consider you old or grumpy - comparatively!

  5. I recognise a lot of that too, especially the periods!

    My dearly beloved actually prefers me with some flesh on my bum/hips, so I don't have to worry so much about eating salted nuts and crisps (my guilty secret). The knack is not to overdo it...

  6. Hi Sarah -- I think you're gorgeous!X

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