4 April 2012

Guest Post at Larger Family Life - 'Big and Small.'

Today I have written a post for Tania Sullivan at Larger Family Life.

It is entitled Big and Small after the CBeebies programme.

Her family is the Big - 13 and counting - what with 11 children (!!!), her husband (who shes' still madly in love with - as if that wasn't obvious) as well as her Dad living with them.   We - technically - are the Small - just the three of us.

People are naturally curious about larger families nowadays - to the extent Tania has written a book to answer all of our constant questions. It is called 'Larger Family.'  Plus she has also written another called 'Twin Pregnancy Diary.' No guesses there as to why or how that one came about - they are her babies of only a few months!

There are some snippets you can read, as well as info about the blog, which has grown into something of a resource for all families since it was created in 2008 HERE.  It is a family run business, offering an unlimited variety of topics including home education, days out, plenty of giveaways, competitions and reviews.

All profits from their books are going towards a campaign they are currently supporting to help the child of a Soldier and family friend - Help Oliver Walk.  Please add your support if you can.

We met at the Tesco Real Food Event. Tania certainly looks like it suits her to have such a large family and it has been my pleasure to write a guest post for such a thoroughly decent person. Although it doesn't take a lot to make my little blog look 'Small,' hers is fun and interesting - the definitive of 'Big!'

Big and Small, Courtesy CBeebies.