22 May 2012

I love you with all my .... What?

My sons are avid football addicts, cricket lovers, 'tennis' fans, golf freaks and enforced rugby players. Their Dad played for Wales (yes, he's a nut job!) and teaches them to tackle and scrum and stuff.  Let's say sport is in their genes and it shows.

Yesteday, I was paid the highest compliment possible by my three year old:

Me:  'I love you with all my heart.'

Him:  'I love you with all my teeth.'

Me:  'I love you with all my fingers.'

Him:  'I love you with all my arms.'   

Me:  'I love you with all my eyelashes.'

Him:  'I love you with all my belly.'

Me:  'I love you with all my toenails.'

Him: 'I love you with all my balls!'

Me:  'Ew. Shall we watch Tom and Jerry?'

How much do your children love you?


  1. That's brilliant! I love it! Thanks for linking it up - I needed a laugh tonight!

  2. Well it was a bit oo.. er.. odd, but thank you! X

  3. That is indeed a high complement although Mrs Oedipus may come along to comment later.

  4. Adorable - you can't say fairer than that!

  5. That was just so lovely - the punch line was great!

  6. Love this!
    Just brilliant xx

    1. Welcome home you. Bet your little boy has something to say too - especially after your trip away? X

    2. When I picked him up he asked first for a present and then for a cuddle :-) I will ask for more specifics when I pick him up tonight x

  7. Priceless, thank you for making me smile today, I really needed it!

  8. Replies
    1. You've met him - says it as it is, even though he's only three! X

  9. Oh that's funny! And so sincerely meant.

  10. And definitely the utmost flattery.