30 May 2012

Still Laid Up!

Seeing as I am still laid up, have gone back to keeling over a bit too regularly for anyone's liking and am really not up to much other than ploughing my way through lots of Bloggers' books (reviews to follow) I thought I'd re issue my old Diaries of an Older Single Mum, hopefully published in their own right when I get my arse into gear.

Here's the first one - written a few years ago.    It has been featured on the blog before, but not since the early days.

'It's Terrifying!'

Who can blame a girl?
IT’S not what you expect – having a baby at 45.

Neither is it what you expect to tell your husband you’re divorcing him, followed by such news. And that’s how it started. Nothing could change my mind. Matters would merely be delayed. Three miscarriages is enough for any woman to contend with. It would be foolish to risk a further one. This would mean having to put up with him for a while yet, as long as it was bearable. However it was not to be. Things would eventually and naturally prove intolerable.

We already have a delightful son who was approaching 4. It was important to me and I was glad that they were full siblings, same blood etc . Secretly, that is sort of the only reason I’d had sex with my husband in the first place. Shamefully, despite pretending such shenanigans were with Daniel Craig ... Read more ...