31 July 2012

Yummy Mummy?

A year's supply of Rice Krispies?  That 's what we're in with a chance of winning with this latest Britmums promo.

Perhaps it might change our conversations which normally pan out like this:

Me:  'Shall we make a cake for your Brithday / the school fair / for fun today?'

7YO:  'No, Mum.  It'll be rubbish.'    

Me:  'Biscuits?'

7YO:  'No, Mum.  They'll be rubbish.'


Me:  'Shall we make some Rice Krispie Cakes today?' 

7YO: 'Of course, Mum. What a great idea.  They'll be yummy.'  

Do you like my use of colour? 

That's because, for a limited time only, Rice Krispies currently come in a Colour Me In packet - something to keep the boys nicely occupied in our lovely holiday villa and there is a fab Colour Together Website with loads more fun to be had with it - both on line and with plenty of stuff to print-off. 

Not at all rubbish...

Our entry for the BritMums #ColourMeInRK competition, sponsored by Kellogg’s.

Disclosure: We were sent the packet and the pens for the purposes of this promo.