25 July 2012

The Plan!

So this is The Plan:

We live in a semi detached house on the coast.  In my mind it has become our luxury villa in a seaside - resort and we are on holiday for a whole six weeks.

Instead of dread, I am eager to explore, just like I would be somewhere new.

I am looking at our surroundings with new eyes - those of a holiday maker, not a woman with two children on her own, ostensibly, and it all seems bearable. 

The thing about being a single parent in the holidays is that I can't ask my boyfriend to take two weeks off work to help me with the kids, because they're not his.  I could ask him to take off the odd day for him and me to spend some extra time together, particularly while the weather is glorious, and as much as he would love to and will, he doesn't mind admitting he would rather be taking me out for dinner, just the two of us.

To be honest, I'm flattered to death.  It's years since someone has asked me on a proper date.

Don't get me wrong, as a wonderful friend and partner of almost a year now, he has always been nothing less than fantastic with both my boys.  It didn't occur to me he might want me to himself now and then, but he does. 

So rather than the snatched two or three hours on the odd Saturday afternoon when the children are with their father, who lives a decent enough distance away for me to find this whole scenario tolerable, we are going to find ourselves a babysitter and going out on at least one Saturday night, alone, for the first time ever.

How bizarre is that?  We have the nuts and bolts of a solid relationship to get on with every day living in a warm, easy, positive, calm way and we know each other at our worst.  Wouldn't it be brilliant to get to know one another at our very best?

So, apart from being romanced, there won't be much blogging going on in the Summer break - I am surely not alone with the deserving demands of children and stuff to prepare for days on the beach (where catching up on other peoples' is a joy), making it nigh on impossible for me - unless, of course, when it's to keep me sane, so it's definitely not out of the question - but with curiosity calling, we'll all be out and about. 

If only this villa came with a Housekeeper.

This is where you'll find us...

P.S  See you at the Tots100 Summer Party in Hove?