22 November 2012


Me:  'Would you like some blueberries?'
3 Year Old: (Very loudly) 'Yippee!'

Me: 'Shall we go and see Claire for a coffee?'
3 Year Old: (Still very loudly) 'Yippee!'

Later on. Me:  'How about some toast and marmite?'
3 Year Old ... you can guess.

We've got 'Yippees!' coming out of our earholes and apparently copied from Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory when Grandad learns that Charlie's won his gorgeous Golden Ticket. 

How easy it is to please someone of a certain age!

'Shall we watch Arthur Christmas?'  He doesn't say 'Aaagh, what, mum?' in that really whiney, moany voice we all know, like the 7 Year Old does, because we've already watched it three times and I've been given it in exchange for a review and want to do it properly.

'Do we have to?' Or 'I'm really fed up now?' 


It's (really very loudly) 'Yippee' accompanied by a punch in the air every single time!

If only everyone were so easy to please.  A little enthusiasm for the dog's doodahs dinners I make would not go amiss, instead of the intimation that they look like they're something for the dogs - and if only 'Time for bed' were to be greeted in that manner, wouldn't we all appreciate that?

I only ever feel remotely close to it myself, if I manage to wake up ages before the children do, having slept through the night, it's the week-end, with nothing to do, nowhere to go, no people to see and all day free to do with what we will.  Someone to wait on me hand and foot or bring me Margaritas on a sun-lounger in the real Barbados - not the one the children and I regularly pretend we're going to on imaginary planes and trains - might muster one too.

You'll never look at these in the same way again!

What might make you do a rather loud (but polite, natch) 'Yippee?'