24 December 2012

Alternative Family Entertainment in London.

Partnered Post.

The only thing about London is it's very expensive. There's so much to do and see, I really miss it sometimes and, for those of us that have to visit nowadays, we have to cram in what we can.

When I lived there, the thing I enjoyed most of all was going to the theatre.  Everyone in the know went to a tiny little ticket place in the middle of Leicester Square for last minute deals.

But everything's more sophisticated nowadays - that little office in a box is now an on-line box office and offering everything under the sun, for every day, some of which comes in at under £20 per ticket!  This is good to know when you've got the whole family to consider!

I'm an old fashioned girl and tend to go for musicals.  I've heard The Book of Mormon, is hilarious, but if you're into less mainstream stuff and perhaps into a full on battle of the sexes, something like one of the famous 'alternative' Carmen Opera shows - might be more your thing.

We've been up to see the lights and to explore Hamleys toy shop, which turned out to be hell on earth.  My kids much preferred spending their time in the Ferrari shop across the road and it didn't cost a thing!

You see, sophistication galore, that's us!