19 December 2012

Real Reindeer.

We went to see some real Reindeer at the week-end!

There's a Garden Centre not far from us in Ditchling, East Sussex, where they're now on their third generation of natural breeding. 

Much tinier than you would imagine, plus generally wanting to show you their bums, so I didn't get many decent photos, they exhibit them at this time of year as 'Santa's ones.' I honestly don't know which out of all of us was the most excited.

Actually, I do *cough.*

Not that much bigger than a goat.

7yo argued that their names were wrong!

One of these is Ambrose.

I think it's this one.

This last one is not real, quite obviously, but he is the only one I could get to pose with the children.

Not to mention it's a bargain at £3.00 per person which includes a gift for the kids and a 50% donation to charity.
Thursday -Saturday 10.30 -5.00,  Sunday 10.30 - 4.30.
01273 846844
Garden Pride, Common Lane, Ditchling.

This is not a sponsored post.