1 January 2013

New Year, New Blog.

The Healer

This badge is me, my new blog.

I am going back to my Healing work, after taking a break to have my children, although, it could be said that you never really take a break from this kind of thing.

I have helped friends and family - and their children - from time to time, so kept my hand in, if you'll excuse the pun for hands-on healing work!  With my little one starting school in September, it feels like the right time.

This blog will continue as normal. I hope both will serve as platforms for books that need a shed load of editing.  

I hope you will follow me over there too.  I have never hidden this aspect of my personality / life.  Indeed, I hope it has come through over here. 

'Hope, hope, hope' seems to be fitting as a theme as we hit a New Year, which will come, whether we are ready or not (and, sadly, I am not, as yet!).  I suspect many of us are filled with a premise such as this?    

Tell me what you're hoping for as we approach 2013.  I sincerely wish it brings you everything you wish yourself and more.  You deserve it.  Let it be full of wonderful surprises.

In the meanwhile, thank you for your kindnesses and continued support on this blog. I do hope you like the new one too.

Happy New Year!
Anya X