24 February 2013

Winter '13 - #OneWeek.

There isn't a nicer woman in the blogging world than the lovely Sarah at Older Mum.

She's been a mate right from the outset of my blogging journey and is also one to many others too.  She loves to write and support other writers, she's already commented on any blog I get to comment on and is particularly present on those starting out on their foray into this world.

Every quarter, each day for one week ('#OneWeek'), she hosts an appreciation of the current season.  Anyone can join in with anything they fancy whatsoever that they feel is relevant.  There'll be stunning photographs and perhaps posts with a poem or two, but pure beauty will abound, that much is guaranteed.  My Winter contribution will be comparatively amateur, but here it is anyhow!

Rosemary as you've never seen her.

He's not backwards in coming forwards, this one.

Brighton Marina - only not so bright today.

Sun and sea spray today - a perfect winter storm.

Cold but glorious.

one week