12 March 2013

Too Old?

[Partnered Post].

You'd think I'd be far too old to shop at New Look, but one of my sisters does and on hearing they did half sizes in their really snazzy shoes, I considered age irrelevant and rushed there.  My little feet are wide and are  generally too big for a three, but too small for a four.  Half sizes are hard to come by these days, let alone in a wide fitting.

On my way through the store to excitedly explore the possibility of finding some black shoes that actually might fit me, I was met with the surprise that some of their stuff was actually quite sophisticated! Call me a snob, but I really thought I'd breeze through, straight to the shoe department without a second glance at what else was on offer, but how wrong I was.

So on receiving an invitation to create a Wish List from their web site and with a couple of conferences in mind, I knew I'd enjoy it.  Here's what I picked out:

We'll forget the denim 'Boyfriend shorts' and such look, shall we?