24 April 2013

Caravan Holidays for the Family.

Recently the lovely Lisa Pearson of Mummy Whisperer fame, her handsome hubby and gorgeous two children came to Brighton on a short holiday.

They had driven down from where they live in Hertfordshire in a motorhome they'd hired, which also housed all of them while they were away.  It was fantastic - and it wasn't just all our kids who had a great time in it!

Lisa with Curly Headed Boy and Little Dimples.

We discussed how we might previously have been a bit snobby about staying on campsites and such matters, but this vehicle was so upmarket that we both became instant converts and, actually, it was even quite exciting, so it's definitely something to consider in the future for us.

As luck would have it, as I was exploring further, this company put themselves forward as experts on holidaying in campervans and I agreed to feature them.

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Travelling with kids can come at a great expense especially when travelling abroad. The cost
for a package holiday abroad for a small family can run into the thousands.

With a campervan you and your family are in total control of your holiday, a freedom and
luxury that can’t be found with a package holiday deal which will mean you are stuck at the
one destination for the whole time. A campervan holiday enables you to travel far and
wide with the added bonus of being able to choose where to go and when.

They are easy and hassle free to run while motorhome insurance is cheap to come by. They combine accommodation and transportation at a fraction of the price of foreign holidays and
are becoming a more popular choice in the current economic climate.

Holidays in the campervan always tend to be cheaper than going abroad, especially if you are
looking to go on at the last minute. You can literally just get up and go,
hit the road and see where it takes you. To go overseas on a whim at the last minute could run
you into the thousands and is simply not possible for many.

For the price of one family foreign trip you could go on holiday three or four times a year
in one.  There is a world around us that many ignore in favour of holidays abroad
but in a campervan in the UK alone you can explore the Lake District in the North West of
England, Glen Nevis in Scotland, The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland or Llanberis
Pass in Wales. They are some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and cheap to get

Another advantage of a motor-home is the simple cost of food. Children can be picky eaters
at the best of time and may not enjoy the local cuisine abroad, not to mention the expense for
parents. Most campervans come with a kitchen, here you can whip up your kids favourites
and your own. Nothing compares to home cooked meals and it means you don’t spend a
fortune like you would if you were eating out.

Children can have many home comforts in a motorhome that they would not get if travelling
by car or air for long periods. If they get irritable or bored, you can simply stop off for a rest
and there are plenty of family orientated campsites for them to enjoy. Campervan holidays
have the advantage of letting you dictate the holiday.