5 April 2013

Playing Away!

Today. my sons and I are away at an Hotel in Windsor, London ahead of a day out at Legoland that the eldest has won, more of which to come when we can tell you all about it, but, today, also we're all also playing away over at dorkymum's blog.

It is an honour to be asked by Ruth to write something for her precious space. We met at a Save the Children conference and have bumped into each other a few times since.  She's special - a noted campaigner for a variety of charitable causes and issues from around the world and has earned herself a place in the MAD Blog Awards Outstanding category.

She's also a keen supporter of my other blog The Healer and the post I've written for her combines what would be on here - about the kids being chalk and cheese, together with a couple of spooky spiritual insights about them that could easily come from over there.

So while the students are fending for themselves and we're luxuriating, why not pop over to say hello and we'll be home before you know it - tempting though it is to stay away, rather than just play away for a day, so delightful as it is!  My post is HERE.