29 May 2013

All Garden Fun

Recently, I've been given some great service by a company and it's all too easy to complain and overlook such niceties, when they are really what make the world go round, so it seemed decent and the right thing to do to write home about it (or equivalent!) here.

We have an old climbing frame which we simply can't afford to replace, but the slide has fallen apart and the kids keep begging for a new one, so with their recent Birthdays we collected cash towards it, only to find that the originals are no longer made.

Blogging land pointed me in the direction of All Garden Fun  who were enormously helpful, asking me to send in a photo before they could confirm whether theirs were compatible with the frame, and then said they thought not.  Seeing as they price match and deliver the next day, I was a bit gutted.

But they did recommend a couple of other things which seemed reasonable -  their SIAMANG 2 Play Centre  - which is swings and a slide and a sand pit for a bargainiferous £259.95 and their IMPALA Play Centre which is very similar but with more of a playhouse canopy for £299.95.  When you consider that a slide alone is almost £100.00, they're certainly worth a second look.

These suggestions were made without any pressure behind them but we haven't managed to scratch together enough for either of them anyhow, so I'm still prevaricating.

In the meanwhile, singing praises to their PR has resulted in them asking if they can feature on the site, so seeing as I'm impressed with their attitude (not to mention they sell anything and everything for the garden for adults as well as kids) and the blogging grapevine guarantees that delivery from Rapid Parcel is fantastic, I've naturally agreed: 




The Best Garden Toys for all Budgets and Spaces
Summer is finally here and in no time at all the school holidays will be upon the parents of the nation. One cost effective way to keep your family entertained outdoors without having to leave your home is to invest in some new garden toys. What you choose to purchase will of course depend on the amount of space you have available, your budget and the ages of your children. 

Here are a selection of the best buys for all budgets, gardens and ages:

Best All-Rounder

A slide is a wonderful piece of equipment to keep toddlers and younger children entertained as well as exercised. The Smoby Medium Garden Slide should keep your little ones amused all summer long; it comes with numerous safety features as standard such as non-slip steps. It can even be turned into a water slide, guaranteed to provide extra fun in hotter weather.

The Bank Breaking Option

If you have oodles of space and money isn't an issue, a giant play-centre is an ideal way to keep kids of all ages happy and active for long periods of time. The Plum WARTHOG Play Centre doesn't come cheap, but is of the highest quality and should last your family a decade or more. It features a rock-face, play-den, swings, rope ladder and wave slide and so should satisfy even the most energetic boys and girls.

For Small Spaces

You can bring the fun of the seaside to even the smallest garden or yard with a sand and water table. 
The Plum Build and Splash Sand and Water Table is quick to assemble and compact, making it an excellent choice.

The Imaginative Pick

In order to encourage imaginative as well as both independent and group play, a playhouse is an ideal buy. The Plum My First Cottage Wooden Playhouse is a charming first 'home' for your child. It comes with rounded corners for their safety, and provides a quiet and beautiful space for them to play make-believe.

Great Budget Buy

Nothing beats an inflatable pool for providing both summer fun and a method of cooling down for all ages. Bestway 12ft Fast Set Pool comes at a bargain price and is just the right size to allow room for everyone to join in.