7 May 2013

Win a Holiday to Barbados via Myleene Klass and Littlewoods.

Most of us lucky enough to attend last year's MAD Blog Awards dinner will have met the marvellous Myleene Klass.  She made a point of visiting every table and having a chat with virtually everybody.  I wrote about our very touching conversation and posted a pic of some of us with her HERE.

She has just launched a swimwear range with Littlewoods and, together, they are running a competition to win a holiday in Barbados, which is somewhere I tell my kids every aeroplane overhead is going and where we pretend to drive to on every boat, train or car when we're playing in parks!

Heaven only knows what the other parents think when they hear my two announce that's where we're supposedly going.  The word 'precocious' springs to mind, but there isn't anything wrong in setting their sights high and it's fun anyhow.

It's somewhere I have been lucky enough to visit, albeit a very long time ago, and it's always been a dream to return.  Talking to the children about it keeps that dream alive.

All you have to do to enter is design your own piece of swimwear on this special Facebook page. The winning one will be handpicked by Myleene and added to the Littlewoods 2014 collection.

I quite fancied this - not just because of the prize - but because of the other ambitious ideas it stirred up in me for different coloured designs complementing peoples' different colouring and I was going to wax lyrical about blue skin undertones vs gold ones and how which colour would be best for each.

Being a trained Colour Analyst, it's simply impossible for me to put everybody in the same shade of swimsuit!

My debut design (sort of!). 
We can't all carry strong colours off the way Myleene can.  For the fairer - skinned, it is the swimwear you would see, not the person, so it's important to get it right.

Plus - equally importantly - most of us aren't shaped like her and aren't comfortable with the 'less is more' approach in this department.

But here's my debut go within the confines of the set-up.

I'd have liked to make the legs higher cut to add the illusion of more length and definitely would have added strong (but secret) stomach control and decent (but attractive) bust support.  

There are some really pretty designs and fabrics to choose from, but I wanted this colour for its flexibility. It would suit Myleene, but also blondes (with blue eyes). I actually would have liked her in a royal blue, but that would overwhelm or clash for those not as dark skinned as her.

For redheads (usually with green eyes) I'd make it more green - limey for the strawberry blondes / deeper, more olive for the proper auburns with brown eyes.

Unfortunately there's no room for me to say all this stuff on there (but I can stick some more on here next week if you're interested), so this design will probably be the most boring entry they'll have and, perhaps, we'll have to settle for going to Barbados in the park!

Disclosure - This post is in Association with Littlewoods, but it is a genuine entry into the competition.


  1. It's rather unfortunate that I'm a crap designer! One of the few sponsored posts that I thought I must look at as well!!! Ah well Barbados will always be in my dreams!

    1. They make it very easy for you over there on the comp actually - they give you designs and fabrics to choose from and you just put them together! I bet you could come up with something lovely! :)

    2. I wouldn't be able to design a bathing suit, very sad. No Barbados for me, luckily I have been there!

    3. I'm sure you'd be brilliant - but it is lucky to have been there, I agree :) xx

  2. Well I have to say, I think your design and choice of colours are lovely - I tend to wear greeny swimsuits as it goes, my hair tends to fall under strawberry blonde. Never been to Barbados - sounds gorgeous. X.

  3. Great comp. There are some really nice swimsuits out at the moment. I've noticed a lot of 50s design out there should that be a help to anyone. I don't think I'll enter as I've go more than my fair share of holidays coming up but good luck one and all!