26 September 2013

Let us Tell You a Story - Part 11.

Quite recently the boys and I were having fun in our Dentist's waiting room playing 'Consequences' - making up a story one or two lines at a time, taking it in turns and seeing where it led, trying to outdo one another with our outrageousness.

Within a day or so the lovely Laura who blogs at Tired Mummy of Two asked around for volunteers for a blogging one of a paragraph or two each and it seemed rude not to put myself forward considering the co-incidence.

She started the ball rolling with Part 1 and there's blog hop to follow each part as the story unfolds with a different blogger every day which you should be able to find at the end of our posts to catch up from the beginning and/ or keep up.  It's gripped us all, is even more fun than I was having with the kids and we're all finding it ludicrously exciting to see what each other says!

I pick it up from Andrea at all you need is love and cake who finished part 10 with these lines:

Tony looked at her and said softly ‘Robert sent me’.
Tears once again flooded Laura’s eyes as she tried to understand what was being said to her – Robert was gone, he was dead. Her sorrow suddenly turned to anger.
Part 11 -

'It seems your husband was having an affair with my wife' Tony finally forced himself to tell her, his eyes meeting her now bewildered gaze.  I found the watch at home, under our bed.  I believe Robert led me to find it.  I think he must want you to know.'   

'No!' Gasped Laura as her hand flew to her mouth. She could feel herself physically reeling.  And she felt that stabbing pain  in her stomach again, but staring at this man whose name she didn't even know, she silently grappled with whether to confess the very thing she hadn't yet been able to bring herself to tell anyone.   

'That's what we were arguing about the night of the crash.  That's why he got out of the car.'  Her shoulders slumped.  It was kind of a relief.  'He was denying it, but I sort of knew.  Something had changed.  And I have blamed myself all this time.'

She didn't let on about seeing him by that pond and if she could have done so now, how she'd have shoved him right in.

Suddenly Poppy started to bark - someone was at the door.

I couldn't help thinking that I hope she's got good quality tissues!

So what will happen next?  I'm passing the baton to the terribly brilliant Helen Neale.

What is it that Tony wants?
What is Simon's plan?

Here's the blog hop. Enjoy!