1 October 2013

You Know You're (Peri) Menopausal When ...

You get to a certain age, the wrong side of 40 and, sometimes, but by no means always, have to surrender.

Here are some signs that it might be time.

1) You'll have developed 'the look' - the one that says a thousand words, because you've already said everything and done it all a gazillion times in your life and you're simply not prepared to keep repeating yourself any longer.

2) Even though you haven't stopped taking care of yourself, you'll find that you turn the double sided mirror over to the magnifying side to pluck your eyebrows / chin only to find it was already on there.  And that might happen quite a lot.  

3) Your periods are better, but your PMT is worse.  

4) Your 'big' jeans are the only ones you'll contemplate wearing, snug though even they've become and on the rare occasion you might accidentally catch sight of your reflection, it's not just your mother you're looking like lately - you're going the same shape as your nan.

5) You actually try the hot olive oil hair treatments that the old ladies in Greece taught you (comb through washed hair, wrap in a hot towel overnight) to rid it of its sudden wiryness and find yourself truly considering the merits of drinking black cohosh and sage formula with your morning coffee.

Please tell me I'm not alone...