24 November 2013

Guilty Pleasures - Listography Round Two.

Honoured to be hosting #Listography here today!

We all have secrets from our family, right?  I don't mean the serious ones, I mean those little guilty pleasures that we indulge in, hoping no-one will catch us.  This occurred to me the other day when I was hiding from the kids and the students, stood alone in the kitchen, contentedly popping Parma Ham out of the packet straight into my mouth.  Not only could this be considered an outrageous luxury when it's possible to knock up a meal for the whole lot of us for the price of a portion of it, but there is no way I would willingly share a single slice should anyone happen to appear, so it's something only to be undertaken unbelievably furtively.

Foolishly thinking that others' must similarly sneak stuff and that such solidarity would soothe my conscience, I invited confessions, which actually made me feel either pathetic - thanks to HPMcQ's bloodlust for the meat juices on the bottom of the roasting pan, or prim & properly sophisticated, thanks to Tired Mummy of Two's Ketchup, Salad Cream and raw onion sandwich fetish.

Then Yellow Days contrived to make us all well jel with her secret soft spot -  GIANT white Toblerones - which aren't even available in this country, so that's quite an epic guilty pleasure to covet and Sandy from Baby Baby admitted to not even getting home before tucking into hers, keeping a pack of disposable spoons in her car purely for the purpose of dismantling and eating the cheese bit from the base of specially bought cheesecakes!

But just to put us all in our places, Kate Takes 5 waded in with a wonderful reminder of a whole Listography on the matter which stretches far further than food (she gets crushes on guyliner, for example - er, ew!) and so popular was this subject when she ran it over two years ago - collecting 60 other entries, each with their Top Five Guilty Pleasures, thereby granting us all a good exoneration, we decided to run a second one for those of us who missed it the first time and those whose have changed in the two years since or anyone else who fancies joining in really.

Here are the details about what a Listography is and how it works, but, simply said, you just link up a post with your own list, usually and historically about whichever subject Kate has set her heart to on her blog, only on this particular occasion the Linky thingy is at the end of here.

So mine are:

Gary Barlow. Yum!
(Image courtesy Wikipedia).

1) Parma Ham. 'Nuff said.

2) Soya Lattes with hazelnut syrup when I should be at home doing stuff.

3) Gary Barlow now he's got stubble.

4) Microwaveable mashed potato for the top of Shepherds' Pies.

5) *whispers* The Daily Mail - mainly because the print is big enough without my reading glasses.

So what would your Top Five Guilty Pleasures be? Stick them on a post and please link up to Mister Linky below.

It seems, indeed, that I am not the only heathen.  Here are a few more confessions for the record, just to get you started:

Jenny from the incredible Just Photos By Me and Cheetahs eats rice pudding out of the tin with golden syrup.

Missie Lizzie Betty Crocker fudge icing straight from the tub. This is progress, believe me (think custard powder!). 

Helen from The Crazy Kitchen  - Peanut butter with a spoon (sometimes spread on a banana) and a cup of tea.

Helen Neale - Jelly Belly Beans in a secret cupboard in the kitchen while cooking.

Even the Domestic Goddesque does it - Marshmallow Fluff + Jar + Spoon.

And Mummy Never Sleeps never sleeps 'coz she's eating Dairy Milk in bed.

Aly from Plus 2.4 doesn't feel guilty about anything she eats but we all know she has got a thing about beards, while Amanda's got the healthiest one of all about beetroot with balsamic vinegar.

Actually Mummy fancies David Beckham and secretly tops up her Cava in the kitchen while the genius Grenglish goes one better by sometimes buying two family sized bags of crisps, eating one in the car on the way home and then pretends to her hubby she only bought one pack, which they then both share ....

Can you do better?  Clear your conscience here!