22 November 2013


Every now and then the eldest decides I might need a new husband - usually because he gets fed up with waiting for me to clear up the kitchen, a constant in all our lives, undoubtedly.  It is certainly not a pressing concern personally, but just in case you know anyone who fits these criteria he has outlined would be perfect for me, here they are:

He must
1) Sport a) a tartan shirt, 
             b) a spotty bow tie,
             c) a blue top hat,  
             d) green trousers.

2) Be 'A good 46 year old' - aged 52.

3) Tell jokes a lot.

4) Put the children to bed.

5) Do the washing up, so the children get a bonus cuddle.

Does anyone know Willy Wonka?  Send him my way.  Thanks, I think!

Who / What would your children design for you?